Authors of the INRA-CIRAD-AFZ feed tables

The INRA-CIRAD-AFZ feed tables have been created by the following group of researchers and engineers.

  • Coordination, edition, data management, site creation: Gilles Tran (AFZ)
  • Ruminant values: Patrick Chapoutot (Agroparistech/UMR Mosar), Daniel Sauvant (Agroparistech/UMR Mosar, ret.)
  • Poultry values: Michel Lessire (INRA), Denis Bastianelli (CIRAD)
  • Pig values: Jean Noblet (INRA, ret.)
  • Rabbit values: François Lebas (INRA, ret.)
  • Salmonid values (to be determined)
  • Horse values (to be determined)
  • Mineral sources: François Meschy (INRA, ret.)
  • Environmental data Sandrine Espagnol (IFIP)

Most of the scientific concepts and equations used in the INRA-CIRAD-AFZ feed tables originate from the INRA-AFZ feed tables published in 2002.

Authors of the INRA-AFZ 2002-2004 tables 

  • Valérie Bontems
  • Patrick Chapoutot
  • Brigitte Doreau
  • Catherine Jondreville
  • Sadasivam J. Kaushik
  • Michel Lessire
  • William Martin-Rosset
  • François Meschy
  • Jean Noblet
  • Jean-Marc Perez
  • Jean-Louis Peyraud
  • Henri Rulquin
  • Daniel Sauvant
  • Bernard Sève
  • Gilles Tran

The English version of the 2002 tables was established by Andrew Ponter, with revisions by Gilles Tran and the original authors.