The INRA-CIRAD-AFZ tables are indebted to a large number of people and organizations that have made them possible over the years.


The tables received the financial support of:

Ajinomoto Animal Nutrition Europe


Partner organisations of the French Feed Database

AFZ has been operating the French Feed Database since 1989, with the support of the following partner organisations that provide both data and financial support.

Ajinomoto Animal Nutrition Europe INRA
ARVALIS Institut de l'Elevage
Cargill France INZO°
CIRAD Mix Science
Désialis Terres Inovia
IFIP Terres Univia

Other organisations

  • EMFEMA (International Association of the European Manufacturers of Major,Trace and Specific Feed Mineral Materials) accepted in 2002 that the results from their study on the biological value of mineral sources be included in the INRA-AFZ tables.
  • Adisseo (formerly Aventis Nutrition Animale), for its participation in the AmiPig programme in 1996-2001. This programme (led by INRA in collaboration with Ajinomoto Eurolysine, Adisseo, Arvalis, and AFZ) was instrumental in producing a reliable dataset of amino acid digestibility values for pigs.
  • Wageningen Livestock Research and the CVB (Netherlands) have published in Novembre 2017 the report "Standardized ileal digestibility of amino acids in feedstuffs for poultry" edited by M.C. Blok and R.A. Dekker (click here to download the report). With the permission of the authors, data from this important report have been included in the INRA-CIRAD-AFZ tables.

Personal thanks

The authors are indebted to the following people - researchers, professors and administrators - who contributed by their work, support or advice to the INRA-CIRAD-AFZ tables and to the INRA-AFZ tables of 2002. It is impossible to name all the people involved, but we would like to mention:

Daniel Bourdon

Olivier Lapierre

Bernard Carré

François Lebas

Jacques Delage

Bernard Leclercq

Camille Demarquilly

Luc Maertens

Claude Février

Pierre Morand-Fehr

Sylvie Giger-Reverdin

Yves Nys

Ian Givens

Jacques Robelin

Léon Gueguen

Michel Vermorel

Yves Henry